Monday, 31 August 2015

Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Now here are some fantastic, super affordable lipsticks by none other that Makeup Revolution. A brand which I am seeing everywhere. (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc).Quickly it has become a favourite brand.

The lipsticks have good pigmentation, last for a good 4-5 hours however I needed a top up after lunch, but I can over look that considering the price point. I mean come on £2.49? Obviously its not Mac but still great. Out of the three I have I feel Propoganda Matte lasted better than they other two. The formula is great, they don't smell funny like I have experienced with cheaper lipsticks before. Sorry but I am a fussy madame like that, if it smells funny or I dislike the smell then you'll be damn sure it won't be going on my face.

The packaging is so cute bullet shape rose gold and black, a perfect combo. I am sucker for rose gold, copper and gold packaging. So pretty, nah?

Some bloggers have compared a few of the shades with Mac lipsticks, I felt Propoganda Matte is similar shade to Russian Red but the texture is different and Russian Red is deeper in colour. I would say this is a semi-matte. Its slightly satiny on the lips rather than drying. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other dupes.

No Perfection Yet - Beautiful plum

Liberty Matte - Stunning purple shade

Propoganda Matte - Deep burgundy red

- Pigmentation, very intense
- Texture
- Adorable packaging, who doesn't like rose gold packaging?
- Good range of shades
- Dupes 

- Lasting power might be not enough for some, but fine for me. 

Purchase them here Makeup Revolution

Have you tried them? Would love to here your thoughts. 

Lots of love 

Zakia x 

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