Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Holy Grail of foundations!


For me no foundation matches this as of yet, most amazing foundation ever! It has been raved about by many bloggers, youtubers and makeup artistists. Although there is a plenty of reveiws from everyone I still wanted to rave about it myself because I love it that much. 

When I first heard about this foundation I thought why not give it a try, as I always find it hard to get the perfect match in colour no matter what brand. Be it high end or drugstore. Over the past 4-5 years I have tried many foundations to search for what works for my skin, i failed on many occasions. I tried many from drugstores as you always want to save a little money (total fail). I wish some brand would create Nars sheer glow but on a budget! I can only wish! 

Okay let's talk abut the actual foudation. 
Firstly I have yellow undertones, I'm between nc30/35 for mac. In the Nars I'm Stromboli. Compared to Mac and Bobbi Brown foundations I have tried the yellow undertone is way less and just right, not heavy in the undertones most of the shades are all yellow based in the sheer glow. 

I perfer my foundation to match my skin perfectly so it's looks just like skin and nothing is visible. Sheer glow is just that! It gives the perfect glow but not heavy dewy glow to my dry/normal skin. Your skin just feels naturally radiant and perfect in everyway. It's light on the skin in consistency, satin finish and blends perfectly. It's medium coverage but buildable. It lasts all day no cakey skin or patchiness and is beautiful throughout the day. Everytime I wear this I get compliments! The only pain in the butt is that doesn't  come with a pump! I mean come on you dent your wallet of £31 and the darn thing doesn't have pump. However you can purchase it separate. It can get messy without a pump if your clumsy like me. Hoping to get it with my next purchase as my 3rd bottle of this will be running out soon. This is the only foundation that I have repurchased many times, it's just the must have for me. This is one of my beauty essentials and staple product. 
The packaging is so sleek and gorgeous. 

Application- The best tool apply this foundation is the real techniques buffing brush, personally I think it gives the perfectly buffed finish to your skin. Buff all over the face and where you need extra coverage push the foundation instead of buffing as that will give higher coverage in those areas.

Retails at £31, which might be pricey for some but it's worth every penny! 

Here is a before and after 

   without foundation    with foundation 

Out of all the foundations I have tried this is far by the best! Nothing beats this! 

- light weight 
- long lasting 
- no SPF (no flash back) 
- medium buildable coverage
- satin finish 
- no pump! 

That's a lot to say for one product, stay tuned for the next post :) 

The laze one.